As committed to your project as you are.

Development Services

When you work with EDI you get the undivided attention of a dedicated development team. All have logged years of experience working either in operations, finance and or development of senior living and care communities. We understand the importance of working in tandem with your team through all steps of the development process and are as committed to your project as you are.  

We make a complicated process seem manageable.

  • Proforma – Creation of financial proforma based on clients’ existing operating experience, EDI’s experience and national benchmarks. Work with the financing team’s accountants and attorney’s to understand financial covenants and secure financing.
  • Board Approvals and Presentations –  Provide tools, data, and understanding necessary to make informed decisions. For many of our clients, the strategic process begins at a Board level long before a project takes shape.
  • Compliance – Secure needed approvals from all state, county, city, and federal agencies.
  • Corporate Structure – Align organizational structure with new development.
  • Site Evaluation & Acquisition – Provide analysis of potential sites, and act as a second party in negotiations when required.
  • Site Redevelopment – Repositioning and master site planning on existing campus.
  • Master Planning – Master site planning of potential new community.
  • Development Team Selection – Coordinate RFP and selection process for the Architect, Civil Engineer, General Contractor, and Interior Designer.
  • Financing – Coordinate selection of investment firms and negotiation of terms. This process can include:
    • Exploring finance strategies
    • Underwriter RFP and selections
    • Structure
    • Covenant negotiations with lenders
  • Design & Planning – Work with the client and architect to establish an architectural program using client input, industry standards and best practices. Our experienced team’s oversight mitigates loss in construction time and dollars.
  • Construction Oversight – Provide general oversight of construction process for quality assurance, punch list and warranty items, maintaining budget and schedule.
  • Marketing Coordination and Support – Support the marketing team through pre-construction lease up, construction and fill up.
Sales & Marketing

What our clients are saying

Our work with EDI is helping to reposition our resources for the future of senior services.
Their work represents best practices, state of the art design and always our Stewardship needs. Their knowledge, skills and commitment is without peer.

Wayne Olson - Executive Vice President of VOA National