Look before you leap.

Market Research

Our extensive experience in market research benefits clients in determining financial and market feasibility at a project’s inception and prior to a significant investment.

Market Manager
EDI’s cost effective phase one report provides “go-no-go” points that enable you to determine the feasibility of a project. The market manager initial analysis studies potential demand, significant demographic market characteristics, the impact of the competitive environment, and demand analysis.  Sample Study

Full Market Study
The full market feasibility study includes all aspects of the market manager plus an on-site detailed analysis of the qualitative issues impacting the primary market area. The study contains all the essential elements necessary for determining project viability and obtaining financial approvals.

Site Evaluation

Easily identify your primary and secondary markets at a glance. Our process precisely pinpoints your customer base. Download document (PDF)

Drive-time analysis and traffic counts
A valuable tool used to determine market potential based on designated drive time. Download document (PDF)

GIS (Geographic Information System) Mapping
Many key decisions can be determined by demographic data and mapping of population by age and income. Download document (PDF)